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Inspiring a lifetime of rare experiences

Koh Kood Thailand

Ancient Siam, at its finest
Koh Kood is an unspoiled island far beyond Thailand’s tourist trail. Located on this island is the serene and secluded Soneva Kiri, offering an unrivalled blend of luxury, environmentally-friendly design and unforgettable, authentic Thai experiences.

Siam meets privacy and 'Intelligent Luxury' at Soneva Kiri. The resort is located on Thailand’s fourth largest but least populated island, Koh Kood, and is surrounded by tropical rainforest and white sand beaches. The resort can be reached by a short 90 minute flight on the resort’s private plane, direct from Suvarnabhumi Airport, or alternatively by domestic flight from Bangkok to Trat, followed by a short boat ride to Koh Kood.

Soneva Kiri comprises 34 ultra-spacious pool villas, ranging in size from one to six bedrooms. All villas feature beautifully designed interiors made from the highest quality sustainable materials, and are carefully designed to blend seamlessly into the island’s natural beauty.

Dining experiences at Soneva Kiri are defined by the simplicity  of flavours and the freshness of its ingredients. The resort also offers culinary explorers the opportunity for private picnics, and destination dining around Koh Kood.

Dining venues:

  • Benz

  • So Spirited 

  • So Chilled

  • So Chocoholic

  • So Deliciou

  • The View Laboratory

  • The Beach

  • The Wine Cellar

  • Treepod Dining

  • The Dining Room

  • Chef’s Table

  • The View

10334_Soneva Kiri-SOtraveler-00338.jpg
2172_Soneva Kiri Resort Dining - The Vie
10370_Soneva Kiri Waterfalls.jpg
2451_Soneva Kiri Resort Experiences - sn

Soneva Kiri’s variety of nature-inspired experiences caters to every kind of traveller. Guests can choose from spa treatments, star gazing and nature walks along the island’s trails.

What to do:

  • Koh Rang Snorkelling

  • Koh Kood Butterfly Quest

  • Wine Dinner at the Wine Cellar

  • Private Picnic and Snorkelling

  • Koh Kood Discovery

  • Ao Salat Dinner

  • Benz’s Thai Cooking Class

  • Cinema Paradiso

  • North Beach Rainforest Trek

  • Mushroom Cave Lunch

Six Senses Spa
From soothing scrubs and oil from local coconuts, to Tibetan hot stones, embark on sensory journeys of authentic treatments from near and far. Enter the peaceful enclave of the Six Senses Spa and choose from a variety of body treatments, specialist traditions and wellness therapies.

Guests are welcome to wander the resort to delight in imaginative experiences. Thrill seekers can indulge in adventures such as snorkelling, fishing from local fishing boats, visiting the Khlong Chao waterfall, jungle trekking, astronomy classes and much more.

The Observatory
Those fascinated by astronomy can explore the glimmering galaxies from the resort’s observatory. Visiting astronomers show guests the constellations, the moons of Jupiter and the halo of Saturn’s translucent ring.

Eco Centro
A ‘Waste-to-Wealth’ centre transforms the used articles and materials at the resort into recycled treasure.

Eco Den
Little ones receive personal and dedicated childcare at the Eco Den, which features shaded areas, a garden, a sleep and relaxation room and a discovery room for exploring.

Children’s Den
Creatively constructed in the shape of a large manta ray, the Den is dedicated to learning, excitement and meaningful experiences. Child caretakers teach them to play Thai instruments, paint and the visual arts.

Angkor Wat
Guests can discover the captivating Angkor Wat. Catch a speedboat to transfer at Ban Hat Lek, the Cambodian border town, before boarding a private helicopter to enjoy breathtaking views as you fly over the Cardamom Mountain Range National Park.

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