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Our Team


Valentina Myagkova

• 24 years in travel business
• 14 years in sales and marketing
• Extensive experience within luxury and hospitality industry
• Huge experience in the promotion of Africa as a destination
• Strong experience of working as a part of international team
• In-depth knowledge of luxury travel market and trends
• Solid client database that includes best travel specialists from Russia and CIS
• Great experience in online and offline marketing
• MSU diploma in marketing
• Academy of press – diploma in Publishing
• Fluent English, basic Italian

Alexandra Malakhova

• 4 year experience in travel business
• 2 year experience in sales and marketing
• Good knowledge of online marketing
• Experience in organizing events
• Experience in working with bloggers and journalists
• Good negotiation skills
• Attention to details, highly efficient, proactive
• Diploma of Moscow Institute of International Relations in management
• Fluent English, advanced French, basic Italian

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Ekaterina Trukhacheva

• 6 years experience in the hotel industry
• 4 years experience in sales 
• Experience in organizing events
• Diploma of the Russian state University of service and tourism

• Excellent communication and social skills


Marina Balashova

14 years in travel business
∙ 12 year experience in sales
∙ Great work experience in both B2B and B2C
∙ Excellent understanding of the client needs
∙ Attention to the details and high level of responsibility

∙ Excellent communication skills
∙ Diploma of State University of management
∙ Fluent English, basic Spanish


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