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Proxima Marketing services cover all key areas of marketing including trade representation, MICE and business travel. We offer the complete range of marketing services: whether your company needs continuous support or would like to realise specific projects.


  • Market research, surveys and analysis

  • Elaboration of marketing strategies

  • E-marketing (Regular newsletters to the database of over 2000 travel agents and tour operators, Promotional activities on Proxima Marketing Instagram and Facebook pages)



  • Exclusive trade network

  • Maintaining of database of all partners visited by updating the customers' data base

  • Direct calls throughout Russia and CIS States on major travel agency chains, tour operators and other potential business partners

  • Planning and organisation of sales trips to Russia and CIS states for company management



  • Trade shows, road shows exhibitions and fairs planning and management

  • Planning and organisation of market specific workshops



  • Tour operator and travel agent familiarisation trips management and follow up to ensure they were effectively run

  • Qualified translations of the necessary information, brochures, flyers, news, trade offers etc. and their distribution

  • Printing arrangements and distribution of promotional materials to all relevant target markets and on request from travel trade and consumers

  • Cooperation with embassies, airlines and other relevant institutions for assistance and joint organisation of promotion activities for the clients

  • Clear reporting with detailed breakdown of all activities performed on the markets

  • Permanent liaison and monitoring of trade partners for representing the company


PR services

Proxima Marketing offers the following PR services from which your company may choose the required activities or full-service package:

  • Media market overview and analysis

  • Elaboration of PR strategies

  • Exclusive media network

  • Permanent media liaison and monitoring including print, online, radio and TV media

  • Direct calls throughout Russia and CIS States on major media and journalists

  • Qualified translations of advertising copy and public relation/press release materials supplied by client companies

  • Newsletters and press release production incl. ready to print articles and their distribution

  • Printing arrangements and direct mailing distribution of info media materials

  • Press familiarisation trips management

  • Event PR

  • Clipping analysis and evaluation

  • Clear reporting with detailed breakdown of all activities performed on the markets

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